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Jiangyin Guangyue Electronics Co. Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of aluminum solar panel frames and solar panel rack/mounting system. With strong R&D support, GYE adhere to the concept of "Science and technology as the driving force, and Quality as the survival base", and has been dedicated to the manufacturing aluminum solar panel frames and racking system for more than decade. GYE has a professional design team and a highly capable management team, and has achieved a number of peer intellectual property rights on solar panel frame design and manufacturing technologies.

GYE is partner with Reliance Industrials, Inc from US to enhance our manufacturing levels and expand our sales globally. Currently, the solar panel frames and racking system developed by our company are manufactured strictly according to the quality control system of ISO9001. With our years' experience, we are able to manufacture customized solar panel frames based on customers' design. Our company also has the capability to design and develop tooling dies and the testing and inspection laboratory. The quality product of tooling and solar panel frames have made our company a good reputation in the solar industry; the lean manufacturing and competitive pricing has placed GYE at a very attractive position to solar module customers worldwide.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of solar panel frames, GYE is a vertically integrated company from aluminum extrusion to frame fabrication services. GYE has the manufacturing capability of up to 5GW per year, which positions us as a leading supplier in the industry. Our customers cover from domestic china, south east Asia, Europe and North America. GYE provides door to door services to our customers worldwide.



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